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Very well-distilled and clear whiskey being poured into a clean glass with ice.

How to See What’s Working and What’s Not

Decisions are made at lightning speed and perceptions are formed in an instant. You’ve got one shot to capture people’s attention and get them to understand who you are and
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promotional image banner for Kill the Ad Man, a new podcast from Rebox - a B2B Brand Distillery

Kill the Ad Man, A Podcast from Rebox – a B2B Brand Distillery

Rebox – a B2B Brand Distillery presents: Kill the Ad Man. A podcast for those wanting their brands to suck less. A few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic turned the
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Why You Need to Start Single-Tasking

This post was originally posted to our LinkedIn page on February 24, 2020. Multitasking does not exist! As a branding firm with lots on the go, each member of our
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Show Your Brand Some Love!

This post was originally posted to our LinkedIn on February 14, 2020. Show some love! It’s that time of year again where we dedicate some attention to those we love.
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Rebox Proudly Awarded Amongst Canada’s Best B2B Companies

Today, marketing leaders are struggling to distill their own brands and present messages that are clear and pure. They are guessing as to what they think makes them unique and
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Your Brand is a Puzzle. Have You Assembled the Pieces?

Running a business is like solving a puzzle. Lots of pieces need to fit together in a specific order. Some find it overwhelming while others solve the puzzle easily. So how do you tackle a puzzle? At Rebox, here’s how we go about it: 1) Gathering all the pieces: Assess what is in front of you. Flip over all the pieces and review what you have before you start. This will help construct a better perspective of what makes your brand unique. 2) Organize the message: Once all the pieces are on the table, categorize the information. Group similar-looking pieces to make it easier to assemble. 3) Time to assemble. As the puzzle starts to piece together, so do the materials that communicate the unified brand. (i.e. website, printed materials etc.) At this stage, the tone and brand are clarified as the puzzle comes together. 4) Present the brand. A puzzle that is assembled still looks like a puzzle. It is a mosaic that holds the shapes it took to build it. Similarly, a brand is the overarching identity of every company. When done well, the pieces come together under a unified message that is easily identifiable. On National Puzzle Day, look at the puzzle called your brand. Is it a unified image or just a partial picture waiting to be assembled?
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