Kill the Ad Man, A Podcast from Rebox – a B2B Brand Distillery

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Rebox - a B2B Brand Distillery presents: Kill the Ad Man. A podcast for those wanting their brands to suck less.

A few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, we began work on a new project. We wanted to share with the world some of the lessons and tips that we use to help distill better brands. 

As part of our ideation process, we pitched a number of different ways to do this. We looked at new brochures, email campaigns, LinkedIn advertising, traditional advertising, etc. But since we all have faces for radio, the obvious option hit us over the head. Why not a podcast?

After figuring out that we could reliably create a high quality product for our listeners, and do so while we were remote working, we are happy to share that Kill the Ad Man is now live and available on podcast directories everywhere.

Kill the Ad Man is a podcast for those who want their brands to suck less. Every two weeks we’ll have a new episode up. We’ll look at ways for Brand Owners and Marketers to do more to tell effective brand stories that get results. We’ll delve into our own archives, and use great real-world examples of brands that have gone above and beyond to tell brand stories that connect with people. On every episode, we’ll strive to demonstrate that the world of B2B branding doesn’t have to mean Boring-to-Boring. 

Visit to see the episodes we’ve already completed, and bookmark it to see some additional content that we’ll be working on in the future. Kill the Ad Man is available on most podcast directories. If you can’t find it on your chosen platform, drop us a note, we’ll work to get the feed streaming to you.

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