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We are uniquely positioned to offer our services à la carte or as a package, depending on your journey. We are flexible to the needs of your brand, whether you’re starting at Stage One (Brand Assessment) or Stage Five (Brand Experience). Below are brief descriptions of our process showing how we leverage each stage to create well-distilled brands.


Assessing Your Brand

We review the state of your current marketing and communications efforts, taking a holistic view of how you present your brand to the world.


  • Initial report on the State of Your Brand
  • Highlight inconsistencies and opportunities
  • Presentation on findings

Distilling Your Brand

We speak to the people in your company and in your market to better understand what really makes your brand unique and valued.


  • Final report detailing the findings of the Brand Distilling process. Includes an assessment of available brand positions and knowledge of what competitors are doing.
  • Executive Team Coaching Session on the newly distilled brand position
  • Presentation on findings and results
  • Roadmap of next steps and deliverables

Packaging Your Brand

Take your newly distilled brand and refine and refresh any of your marketing materials to tell the world your true brand story. Each brand and market has different needs, and we work to ready your story for every channel that matters.

Deliverables (Possible)

  • Logo and identity refresh
  • Review and update all sales/marketing collateral
  • Update to all sales/marketing presentations
  • Video updates
  • Website copy and brand refresh
  • Trade show booth and materials redesign
  • Any other materials to align on brand

Promoting Your Brand Story

Telling the world your newly distilled brand story. No matter which channel you use, a well-crafted story speaks to your market in a way that gets you attention and results.

(Possible) Deliverables

  • Content planning and marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Trade show planning and scripting
  • Social media planning and messaging
  • Press releases

Living Your Authentic Brand

Every touchpoint and interaction that your market has with you is a part of your brand experience. We work with your team to ensure they understand the updated brand story and how it’s presented to the world.


  • Team coaching so all members know the brand and how to deliver on the brand promise, regardless of their role
  • Team collaboration on opportunities to live and tell the brand, internally and externally

Your Marketing Partner

Rebox is happy to offer our clients a more complete and integrated service package. Under the Marketing Partnership Plan, we work with your team on a daily basis to continue your marketing efforts. Under this agreement, our team provides our maximum value for the equivalent of one to two FTE positions. Download our information sheet and connect with us so we know what you’re looking to achieve. We can tailor the plan to your specific requirements.

Whether you’re a small/medium enterprise, or a multi-billion dollar revenue machine, a well-distilled brand is essential to growth and winning business. Our extensive experience in distilling B2B brands and telling those unique & valued stories to the world ensures your company is put back on the path to greater growth.

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