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Case Studies

Since 2011, Rebox has distilled some of the finest B2B(2C) brands. We’ve helped serve those unique and valued brand stories throughout the world to get them the attention they desire. A number of our clients have leveraged their distilled brands into mergers and acquisitions, often at a premium. The Case Studies below are examples of how our work has improved our clients’s brand positions and demonstrate the benefits of having a well-distilled brand.


Armour Equipment

Like any good superhero, doing it the right way takes courage and commitment.

Consumer Packaging

McSweeney’s Jerky & Meat Snacks

McSweeney’s embraces a nation to stand out in a crowded space.

Oil & Gas

Quickthree Solutions

From 80 bullet points distilled to three unique and valued brand pillars.

Call Centre Services

Aria Solutions

It’s all in the tittle as Aria Solutions rebrands and tells the world their story.

Professional Services

Sitar & Milczarek

Criminal trials and appeals from a legal firm that’s more like family than Law & Order.

Event Services

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Making space for great service with a great brand story.

Consumer Packaging

Big Chief Meat Snacks

After 50 Years, Big Chief updates their identity and packaging to better speak to the world.

Oil & Gas Pipeline

Endurance Technologies

Endurance Technologies takes it to the bank, reflecting the innovation in their product.

Land Survey/GIS

Ventus GeoSpatial

Ventus GeoSpatial harnesses their new brand to soar above their competition.

Beauty Care

Renmatix Inc.

Unlocking Mother Nature’s secrets gives Renmatix the building blocks for a new brand.

Oil & Gas

Tundra Process Solutions

Being known by the company you choose allowed Tundra Process Solutions to stand out in a competitive market.

Oil & Gas Innovation

Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Turning an innovative eye to the future allows Intelligent Wellhead Solutions to stack the odds in their favour.

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