B2B Marketing Has Lost Its Way!

(…and you’re likely part of the problem.)

Don’t take it personally. Today’s B2B buyers have tuned out bland messages and meaningless platitudes from brands. The onus is on you to clearly communicate the real value proposition of your B2B brand. 

YOU know your brand is different than the others. But without a differentiated brand and a clear brand story, buyers will dump you in the cost-driven commodity bucket. Buyers want to know the answer to the critical question: “Why you?”

B2B doesn’t mean Boring-to-Boring. There is a better way.

Hi. We're Rebox…

…a B2B Brand Distillery.

As a brand distillery, we get to the heart of your brand and move it from that cost-driven commodity bucket to your industry’s top shelf. Like all great distilleries, we remove the impurities associated with a diluted brand and distill the essence of your brand, leaving you with what’s most unique and valued.

Since 2011, we’ve taken some of the most prominent B2B brands from cloudy to clarity, and we’ve helped them dramatically improve their reputation and their revenue.

The Process Behind the Box

At the heart of a well-distilled brand is the process used to identify what makes a brand (and company) unique and valued. It’s a process built upon ethnographic research, behavioural economics and B2B marketing to fully understand and leverage the perceptions held by a client’s buyer.
b2b brand copper still setup illustration in blue


Distilling  is about getting to the essence of what makes the brand unique and valued. Our process leverages our Rebox Positioning Pyramid—a methodology based on observations, interviews and testing with stakeholders and current, past and future customers.

b2b brand distilling aging barrel illustration in blue


Like any well-distilled spirit, creating a well-distilled brand requires time for it to settle and perfect. During this stage we help the organization internalize the message and live it in every interaction. This stage involves time with employees and internal stakeholders.

b2b brand packaging box illustration in blue


During the Packaging stage, materials (website, brochure, feature sheets, visual identities / logos, etc.) are created to clearly present the essence of the refined brand. Tone, copy & persona are developed and leveraged to present the brand through every user experience touchpoint. 

b2b brand distilling served on ice illustration in blue


The best way to present your offering is in a way that aligns with your brand. There are many channels for serving the message (direct sales, trade show, print advertising, social media, etc.), and during the Serve stage, we choose those that are perfect for your well-distilled brand. 

It's All About the Brand

One common trait across most successful B2B companies is their relentless focus on consistently communicating a strong and well-distilled brand to the market. Leaders know that investing in a brand produces more than just a nice logo—a strong brand often outperforms the market and often produces a higher than average EBITDA.  

The Proof

While the most successful B2B marketers know the true value of a well-distilled brand, some need to see the proof. Here’s a few examples of how a well-distilled brand helped our clients dramatically improve reputation and revenue.

A (Literal) Call to Action!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people  can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

Sometimes it feels like you’re preaching to the converted. You’re all on the same page and it’s as if everyone in the room is singing from the same songbook.

If that’s you and you’re looking to connect with like-minded people who agree that B2B marketing needs to dramatically improve, then please reach out.  

You may be a prospective client, a fellow life-long learner or just another B2B Branding Evangelist. Either way, let’s connect.