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Your offering gets you in the door.

Your Brand Earns the Sale.

And the next one. And the next one. Because your brand is everything.

And the brands that are most clearly understood by the market? They sell the most. Distilling the finest brands is what we do.

We are Rebox – A B2B Brand Distillery.

Distill Your Brand. Tell Your Story. Meet Your Goals.

Owning the hearts and minds of buyers has never been easy, and in today’s increasingly competitive market, a brand needs to clearly communicate a real value proposition. As a B2B Brand Distillery, clients count on us to distill the essence of their brand. What is it about your brand that brings in business? What are the actual points of differentiation between you and your competitors? Why you?

The answers probably aren’t what you think they are. But getting them might be easier than you think.

How It's Done

Our work begins with understanding the current state of your brand and your messaging. We engage your market (current, past and future) to identify how they perceive your organization and your brand, and to understand what truly makes you unique and valued and our experience shows that it’s most often not what you think. 

So how do you distill the essence of your organization and present your brand story to create the perception you desire?

The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy. 

The Rebox Service Offering from Brand Assessment to Brand Distilling to Brand Packaging to Brand Promotion to the Full Brand Experience

At Rebox, we adapt our proven methodology for each client’s unique situation. Some organizations know who they are and clearly understand how they are perceived today but struggle to clearly communicate their brand story. Others however are unsure about who they are, how they’re perceived today or how they can better live their authentic brand. 

Regardless of where their organizations are, our team adheres to a proven methodology of knowing where the brand is at (Brand Assessment), where the brand needs to go (Brand Distilling) and then doing what needs to be done to close the gap (Brand Packaging, Brand Promotion and Living Your Authentic Brand) and get your brand perceived the way you desire.

“They’re never confined by the status quo, and we have a mutually beneficial relationship with them.”

Charlie Maygard, Owner, Armour Equipment

Well-distilled Brands Win Everytime

There are a number of reasons that a strong, well-distilled brand wins business in a competitive market. From resisting the need to discount pricing to shortening long B2B sales cycles, well-distilled and differentiated brands consistently outperform the competition.

Command a Price Premium

Well-distilled brands know what make them unique and valued to people in the market, and this differentiation allows them to command higher prices over generic competitors.

Shortens Sales Cycles While Increasing Revenue

Well-distilled brands are known for something. They own a place in the hearts and minds of their market which speeds up decision-making and shortens complex sales cycles.

Contributes to Increased Value in Mergers and Acquisitions

Well-distilled brands consistently generate long-term value, growth and profitability while increasing value for their investors and potential partners.

We Work With 
Professional Services
Oil and Gas
Consumer Packaging
Event Services
Beauty Care
Green Energy
Financial Services
Any Brand in Any Industry

Our approach is less dependent on any specific industry, as strong brands in any industry wind up on the top shelf. Our method has cross-industry applications. We’ve distilled fine brands from professional services to consumer goods, oil and gas products to meat snacks. Our focus is on helping each client tell a story that matters to their market, regardless of what sector that market is in. And that includes yours.

Have a brand that's not clearly understood? Interested in learning more? Not sure where to start?
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