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January always comes with resolutions. We promise to eat better, go to the gym and develop healthy habits. But what about workplace organization? 


Making it Happen

The Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin gives examples on how to declutter your desk and office space that will lead to a happier outlook at work. Among some of her recommendations, she suggests the following: 

1) Toss unnecessary papers 

2) Don’t collect free swag 

3) Don’t get organized! 

This last suggestion is compelling: don’t get stuck telling yourself, “I need to get organized!” Instead, Rubin suggests to simply get rid of stuff. Chances are, you never needed those papers or files to begin with. 

A Clear Desk = A Clear Mind

Organization leads to control and controlling your space has had some serious benefits in the workplace. According to the Harvard Business Review, a workplace culture that has a high-performance rate with their employees gives them the space and ownership to autonomously control their environment. “…power of choice and autonomy drives not only employee happiness, but also motivation and performance.” One of a company’s biggest asset are the employees who live the company brand every day. 

So start by clearing space on your desk to kick-start the new year on a happier note.

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