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A Cut Above the Rest

In late 2014 we received a call from our soon-to-be client asking to see how Rebox would refresh their jerky and meat snack brand. They had a great offering, but they needed to create a well-distilled brand and a more effective brand story for their aspiring meat snack brand.

Leveraging their primary brand attributes of being Proudly Canadian, serving the Best Tasting products, and having an ultra-premium offering in the meat snack category, Rebox translated their brand into the tangible materials they needed. With stand out product packaging, sales support materials and various promotional efforts our client would become a cut above in a competitive space.



McSweeney’s Jerky & Meat Snacks


Brand Positioning

Package Design

Marketing Communications


Broadcast Commercials

McSweeneys meat snacks b2b(2c) brand case study hero image

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