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Like Part of the Family

Standing out in the crowded Legal Defence service is a daunting task, with plenty of “Us Too” firms vying for attention. Everyone thinks they’re auditioning for a role on Law & Order. Where the typical look is hard edged, arms crossed and ultra serious, the Principals at Sitar & Milczarek knew they had to stand out from this week’s guest stars.

Through confidential client interviews and market insight, we worked with Sitar & Milczarek to distill their brand to its essence: taking care of clients as if they were family. We then worked to update their website, displaying compassion and empathy for the situation their clients found themselves in.



Sitar & Milczarek


Brand Distilling

Market Insight

Client Interviews

Website Design

Art Direction


Sitar and Milczarek lawyers b2b brand case study hero image

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